Vampire Counts

Warhammer Vampire Counts army

Vampire Counts army

Warhammer Vampire & Necromancer

Vampire & Necromancer

Warhammer Banshee & Cairn Wraiths

Banshee & Cairn Wraiths

Warhammer Strigoi & Ghouls

Strigoi & Ghouls

Warhammer Vampire & Skeletons

Vampire & Skeletons

Warhammer Wight & Skeletons

Wight & Skeletons

Warhammer Bat Swarms & Dire Wolves

Bat Swarms & Dire Wolves

Warhammer Fell Bats

Fell Bats

2 thoughts on “Vampire Counts

    • Thanks! Some of them are old Games Workshop regimental bases that hold 20 figures on 20x20mm bases. Others I built myself out of thick cardboard. In all cases, the edges have been covered in PVA and sand before painting. Most regiments are actually on several bases, which allows to remove sections if the unit has taken casualties.

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